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augustus 19, 2007

A Fascinating Forecast of the Future of Education

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Coming in the nearest future on TSM The Sausage Machine, as we hope … the really fascinating Map of Future Forces Affecting Public Education, created by the Knowledge Works Foundation and the Institute for the Future!

Within three weeks TSM The Sausage Machine will be showing this beautiful interactive map! It’s designed for a US education system, but as we’re living in a globalising world, it can bring us all, learners, ideas and dreams for shaping, managing and appreciating knowledge, networks, society, i.e. our lives in the future, in a way that is good and better for all of us. Anyone. Any place. Any time.

TSM presents a simple forecast of the real map in two screenshots and two citations (from the email updates of 17th August 2007 of Ewan McIntosh’s by Feedblitz and the KnowledgeWorks site). Have a look at the Map Demo video on the site of the KnowledgeWorks Foudation and listen to your invitation to the discussion! You already can start to participate in the discussion about shaping our future …

It [the map] shows the significant overlap between technology and physical community spaces, and their interplay with schools. Clicking on each element reveals more detail and an invitation to a discussion board. A relatively simply but rich visualisation for a complex set of issues and, while it’s designed for a US education system, there are valid points for us all. (via Information Aesthetics)

Source: email updates


It could be video games. Bioengineering. Or health care. All of these forces and more are explored on the KnowledgeWorks Foundation and Institute for the Future 2006-2016 Map of Future Forces Affecting Education. Look around the map. Explore it. While we’d never suggest that this map contains all of the answers and perfectly predicts the future, it does offer a clear point of view based on countless hours of research, analysis and expert opinion. Think of the map as a provocative tool, as the beginning of a movement, or, at the very least, part of a good conversation. Join in. And help us shape the future.

Source: KnowledgeWorks about the Map


Printable download of the Map of Future Forces Affecting Public Education by Knowledge Works Foundation and the Institute for the Future

No, no, no. TSM won’t believe Web 2.0 has a cold, cold heart


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  1. When and where will you be presenting the map?

    Reactie door Colleen — augustus 20, 2007 @ 4:26 pm | Beantwoorden

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