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september 9, 2009

The Day The Beatles Came into the 21st Century …

The Beatles, I’m Only Sleeping, Mono.
Discography according to TheOneBeatle on YouTube (links: TSM)

Recorded in: Abbey Road, 27 April 1966
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Producer: George Martin
John Lennon: lead vocal, backwards lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Paul McCartney: bass guitar, harmony vocal
George Harrison: backwards lead guitar, harmony vocal
Ringo Starr: drums

Hello Hello! Me celebrating The Beatles as a joy for ever and ever. In some favourite links. Mono. Stereo. Reversed. And so Beatles 2009: remastered sampler of Please, Please Me. The remasters or digital copies will be made available for downloading, as Jim Boulden reports:

09.09.09. The Beatles: The Remasters (Review), The Rock Band (Stage Demo, Review), The All New Website!

… Oh, I believe in yesterday. Yesterday, when I was 18. And When I’m 64 Don’t Let Me Down. All You Need Is Love. She Loves You, Sie liebt dich. Here comes the sun! I Want to Hold Your HandHelp! Let It Be. Strawberry Fields Forever, the Peter Goldmann clip. Penny Lane, the Peter Goldmann clip. The Beatles in Nederland ;-), Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds …


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  1. More … : The Beatles in Arts and Entertainment in Times Online.

    Reactie door janien — september 13, 2009 @ 3:29 pm | Beantwoorden

  2. […] in My Queen Karo, net gisteren in première), de 50e verjaardag van de mini. Tweede besluit: The Beatles en de mini, het zijn […]

    Pingback door So Mini « The Sausage Machine — oktober 29, 2009 @ 10:59 am | Beantwoorden

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