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oktober 2, 2010

The Mobile Web. Quote of the Day

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George Siemens recently blogging about the mobile web:

 Is anyone really surprised at reports that show staggering growth of the mobile web? My office in Edmonton is close to the Alberta Legislature Building. Periodically, when the weather was nicer, I would stroll down to the Legislature to indulge in high-quality hotdog vendor food. The one common site was people staring into their phones. A few people could be found sitting under a tree reading a paper book. But the majority were on their mobiles (except for the kids in the pool). Mobile-centric lives, at least in North America, started with BlackBerry, and has since been amplified by the iPhone and Android devices. It’s only been a few years…and I’m already more attached to my mobile than my laptop.*

* George Siemens, ERN (eLearning Resources and News) 01-10-2010, Elearnspace 30-09-2010. Foto: gsiemens.

Focus of the day. George Siemens as followed by a girl geek from Flanders: Hooray, a new MOOC is born: #PLENK2010.

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