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oktober 2, 2010

wat do u wanna be wen u grow up ? meanwhile in the future

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wat do u wanna be wen u grow up i said a hippie <33 (floating hearts222) they said rock stars (MGMT 2008 mental mystics) andrew & ben shifting realities fantasies revival of psychedelic 60’s 70’s vernieuwende retrosound pink floyd starting to change together starting to change wave your hands electropop planning their second phase in the world domination (MGMT meanwhile in the future 2010) it was time to pretend (2005) popsterrenstatus staat stoer hmhm niet yes time to pretend in an oracular spectacular way:

Let’s make some music/ let’s make some money/ find some models for wives/ I ’ll move to Paris/shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars

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