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The Sausage Machine is de  leerblog van twee klassen (5e en 6e jaar) van de derde graad Algemeen Secundair Onderwijs en hun lerares Nederlands (en Duits: 6e jaar) uit Vlaanderen, die in januari 2007 van start ging n.a.v. een 160-poëziewedstrijd voor Gedichtendag.

Zo stelden we ons in april 2007 voor op de

TSM The Sausage Machine – Belgium

TSM The Sausage Machine is a fresh started (January 2007) learning blog in ownership of two classes of a secondary school in Flanders: a group of 30 young adults (aged 16-18) and their teacher of Dutch. The learning blog got started in connection with a poetry competition for the new generation of einsteiners, set up independently by a team of twelve students of the 5th class. The SMS-poems, presented on the blog as well as the jury’s appraisal, were ‘160’s (a poetry model created by Sofie Cerutti – The young producers were succesfull and the competition ’s didactics got published in a professional journal. On TSM you can find the sunny side of language and literature learning: “wait and see what comes out”! In connecting and in sharing knowledge on the blog (also metacognition) we – students as well as their teacher – stimulate and reveal each other’s learning capacity, competency and creativity. Each result, each product is a touchstone on the way of a new way of learning: strongly motivating and challenging, surprisingly enjoyable. Our wiki TST “The ScripTorium” for writing exercises and paper writing in Dutch is under construction. Our dream? To experience what learning can be in our own free OMS OpenMindStudio as a new ‘classroom’ (restyling the old ‘school’) for 30 studious learners in the virtual world of Second Life … Wham!
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  • Avatar | written by KlasCement 25 days ago Rating: 1

    Hello, where can I find more information about the project so we can publish something about it at KlasCement? It sounds great!

written by KlasCement 22 days ago Rating: 1


Meanwhile I see it’s already published at Nice! Thanks and good luck!

Avatar | written by you 20 days ago Rating: 0
Hello KlasCement!I saw your comment today: I am very happy with it and I thank you very very much! I wish you and your KlasCement good luck! Meanwhile I sent you the blog and you already published it: thankx!Janien

Avatar | written by Svewa 23 days ago Rating: 1

Hi, as pupil of this teacher, AND as I am involved with this blog as a student, I ask everyone to vote! 🙂 It’s more educating than one might think! Also, with this little intervention, I advise every class to start a blog and/or wiki as it enhances the experience of learning to the digi-world! Good luck!PS: And of course my vote is ensured 🙂 


 | written by you 20 days ago Rating: 0

Hello Sven (5th class)Thank you very very much: you’re great! You are our right man on the right place at the right moment. Without you TSM did’nt get started in the way it did now and it cannot work and run and get better without your IT-skills and your intelligent and friendly approach of problems. I am very grateful to you – I hope you will help me and our classes in the future to make IT enhanced learning easier. I as your teacher have the opportunity to learn so much from you, my pupil. Thank you, Sven, and good luck!Your teacher


Avatar | written by quickdm 22 days ago Rating: 1

Nice piece of work if I may say so! Great initiative and educational too! Need anything more? Keep up the good work!

| written by you 20 days ago Rating: 0

Thank you very much! Your nice comment makes me happy, yes, we’ll keep up the good work. Good luck!


Avatar | written by Midnight 20 days ago Rating: 1

Hi, I’m also a pupil of this teacher. “The sausage machine” is a nice project and earns every vote it can get!! You won’t be disappointed.Good luck!! Tamara 


written by you 20 days ago Rating: 0

Hello TamaraThank you very very much! Nice to meet you here. Good luck!Your teacherAvatar | written by jwam 20 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate comment: +

beste lieden



  • Avatar | written by Zera 20 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate comment: +
    Hi, I’m also a pupil of this teacher. Keep up the good work!Good Luck!! Dieter

Avatar | written by you 18 days ago Rating: 0

Thank you very very much, Dieter, for your encouragement. Good luck!Your teacherAvatar | written by marilinde 20 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate comment: +
leuk idee!marilinde

Avatar | written by you 18 days ago Rating: 0

To hansf & marilindeThank you so much!! Very pleased to meet you on this side (site) of the world …

Hoe het groeide

Van leerblog tout court tot litblog, beetje vrouwenblog ook, Antwerpenblog, taalblog, actieblog voor 2.0 én een lievere en schonere wereld. En niet te vergeten: fansite voor Dimitri Verhulst!!

The Sausage Machine staat te kijk bij de sites van het Vlaamse lerarenportaal KlasCement en meer, zoals op Neder-L, De Standaard Online,, Wilfred Rubens, De literaire blog,, … werd genomineerd in de categorie literatuur van de Dutch Bloggies 2008. En staat geciteerd bij Erwin Blom: Hoe technologie onderwijs leuker en beter kan maken.

The Sausage Machine kreeg een KC Award 2009 – met prijs. Bedankt, KlasCement!

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